Preview the “Official A.F.” EP 

  1. Official AF Pirscription, Ronnie Walker 2:05

EP Summary

Official A.F. is an impromptu collab between long time friends and original label mates Pirscription & SkyWalker Hendrix Marley. The highlight of this project is the music video to the title track, full of comedic value the video is a must to watch, and the EP is a must to save!

“Official A.F.” Music Video

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Official A.F.

Release Date : January 6, 2018
Artists : Pirscription, SkyWalker Hendrix Marley
Genres : hip-hop, rap
Catalog ref. : 003
Format : Digital Download

Production by: Pirscription, Hunter Drake, J-Mixx
Recorded/Mixed: Trojan Town Studios