1. Good Times, Good Vibes Pirscription & Blame It On Nicholas 2:33

The Story

Clockin’ In is the perfect blend of smooth delivery and hard hitting lyricism. Featuring production from CWalka, Almari, J-Mixx, and the guitar skills of Hunter Drake, this EP is a rollercoaster of enjoyment.

The single released from this EP was Good Times/Good Vybes, a video that included some familiar faces, and an all around good time.

Good Times/Good Vybes

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“Clockin’ In”

Release Date : April 29, 2019
Artists : Blame it on Nicholas, Pirscription
Genres : hip-hop, rap
Catalog ref. : 002
Format : Digital Download

Produced by: Almari Beats
Recorded/Mixed at: Trojan Town Studios

Available on all platforms: http://smarturl.com/clockinin